Why You Should Choose A Custom Bike Frame

custom bike frameIf you enjoy riding your bike, you may want to consider purchasing a custom bike frame. If you are like most people, you probably just bought a standard bike from a bike shop when you purchased your bike. Not many people think of investing in a custom frame. However, having a frame custom built for your body can make a world of difference in how enjoyable it is to ride.

Perhaps the most compelling reason why you should choose a custom bike frame is because it makes it far more comfortable to ride your bike. When your frame is ergonomically designed specifically for your body, it reduces neck and shoulder pain, wrist pain, and other types of pain associated with improper positioning of your body.

By ensuring proper alignment, a custom frame will reduce pressure on specific points of your body, helping to create a more balanced, even ride. This, in turn, can help reduce fatigue. When your body is in balance on the bike, you are far less likely to become tired as quickly while you are riding. Of course, you will still experience the natural fatigue that comes from exceeding your current level of fitness. However, you won’t run into problems with fatigue from straining your shoulders, arms, or wrists.

Another reason to have a frame customize for your body is because you can have it designed to fit the way that you ride. For instance, if you like to stand up when you are pedaling up a hill, you can tell the frame manufacturer that. They can make adjustments to the frame that will make it more conducive to this type of riding. Likewise, if there are certain tricks and techniques that you like to do, they may be able to design the frame in such a way that it can more easily accommodate these needs. As a result, riding can become a lot easier and more efficient.

You can also specify the material that your frame is made from. This gives you a lot more options than you can usually find in the store when you are just shopping for stock bikes. The sky is really the limit when it comes to designing your bike. Most companies can accommodate pretty much all of your wants and needs, making it possible to get the exact bike frame that you want.

The only downside to customized frames is that they can be quite expensive. However, when you compare them to top-of-the-line bikes, the prices are really comparable. This is especially true when you consider how much one of these frames can do for your riding. Having a customized bike frame can help you become a better rider while at the same time minimizing strain on your body. This can allow you to go further and faster, making these bikes a great investment for anyone who loves to ride. As you can see, there are quite a few compelling reasons why you may want to choose a custom bike frame rather than opting for a stock model.

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Motorcycle Equipment For Beginning Riders


Buying your first motorcycle can be extremely exciting. There is so much adventure that awaits that you probably want to get out on the open road as quickly as possible. Before you jump on the back of your bike, however, there is some essential equipment that you need to purchase. Here is a list of some must-have motorcycle equipment for beginning riders:

* A Helmet. You should never get on your bike without first putting on a helmet. In most states, you are legally required to wear one. Even if you live in a state where there are no specific laws regarding the use of helmets, you should still consider wearing one. It is one piece of equipment that can literally save your life if you are involved in an accident. In the past, many people opted out of wearing helmets because they were uncomfortable. These days, however, there are so many different styles available that finding one that fits perfectly is easy. Just make sure that you choose a style that is comfortable to wear and that allows you to see the road clearly.

* Riding Boots. Your footwear plays a key role in safety when riding your motorcycle. Not only do you need to be able to keep your feet on the pegs but you also need to be able to have plenty of stability when you are stopped. A good pair of motorcycle boots can solve both of these problems. As an added bonus, they can help protect your feet and ankles if you are involved in an accident. Never wear open-toed shoes or flimsy footwear when riding. Instead, choose sturdy footwear with plenty of traction to improve safety.

* Eye Protection. When you are flying down the road, the last thing that you want is for a bug or piece of debris to get in your eye. Safety goggles or other protective eyewear can keep unwanted projectiles out of your eyes, allowing you to see the road clearly and avoid injury. Another option is to choose a helmet with a built-in face shield. Just make sure that your eyes are properly protected before you get on the road.

* A GPS Device. Even if you primarily drive in an area that you are familiar with, a GPS device that is specifically designed for motorcycles can be extremely handy. These devices can show you the best route for getting from one point to another, making it fast and easy to get wherever you are going. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about being distracted while you are looking at road signs. Instead, you can simply follow the directions from your GPS device while keeping your eyes on the road. Interestingly, some GPS devices even allow you to plan your route based on the number of twists and turns that a particular road has. This can help you avoid curvy roads if you want a relaxed ride.

Hopefully, this list of must-have motorcycle equipment will help you get everything that you need before you take your first ride on your new bike.

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Buying Custom Motorcycle Parts

custom motorcycle

Motorcycles are a very personal purchase. They become a part of their owner. It is a close-knit community of riders as well. So, when the buyer really wants to make a bike their own it makes sense that they buy custom motorcycle parts. If you have not bought a bike in a while and have not purchased custom motorcycle parts in some time, read on to learn more about what features to look for in today’s custom market.

Dual, slip-ons, and fairings all stand to improve the look and experience of your ride, while making it all uniquely your own. Start out knowing that these days the Internet is a great place to go to find anything.

While you may still have “your guy” who you turn to for parts, take a look around to discover new styles and designs that may appeal to you. Making the radio your own and including some fuel management system might even take an older bike that is new to you and allow you to blast off with kinder fuel economy in place.

Lights, wheels, and seats are other areas that beg for customization. Look at the options, and be sure to read online reviews from other customers, and ask fellow bikers what has worked for them. Heck, you can look at their bikes to see if the add-ons are worth it or not.

Seats are best tried. Though, to know if they are good for longer distances or only for shorter distances, find out what they are made of and whether they hold up to the test by reading more product reviews.

How Much Does It Cost?

Getting the most out of customization does not have to cost a lot of money. Consider it an investment that is worthy first of all. From there, it is worth the extra time to shop around a little bit.

Some custom parts are more widely available and will require just finding the best pricing from a reliable seller or company. Other parts are price-controlled by the vendor that markets, sells, and controls the manufacturing of products. One instance is likely anything with the Harley Davidson name on it, at least if it is a genuine custom part.

Do Not Forego Warranties And Guarantees

Just because you are going to buy a custom motorcycle part does not mean you are going to give up any solid purchasing guarantees either. Make sure it comes with normal warranties and guarantees that you would find for the rest of the parts on your bike.

Look for everything from grills to novelties to some new headlights. These days, LEDs offer up a powerful, yet practical and long-lasting ownership experience for riders. They are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to appeal to all riders at every price point. Grills are another simple way to punch up the bike without making a major overhaul either.

Consider different styles to complement the other add-ons either piecemeal or all at one time. It can be exciting to look for one piece at a time as an affordable way to maximize customization without overspending. Instead, make it a way to become accustomed to different parts to make a whole new look a reality.

Consider pricing, whether it powers up your bike, or makes it look good, in addition to the quality of parts, and any product guarantees. Always read the reviews both for the products and the sellers, if you are considering going off course, and trying a new seller. Customizing a bike has never offered up so many options as it does today.

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5 Good Times To Visit A Motorcycle Helmet Store

motorcycle helmet

In many states, you are not allowed to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. In many cases, even where it is legal to skip it, it’s a good idea to still wear one. Even if you are a wild spirit that loves the feel of the wind of the open road in your hair, you should at least own a motorcycle helmet, and hopefully not the same old one that you first got many years ago. So, when is a good time to go look at new ones? Keep reading to learn the 5 times that are good occasions to visit a motorcycle helmet store.

1) Anytime you buy a new motorcycle is a great time to go look at new helmets. For some riders, the look of their helmet should match their bike. For others, it’s not a big concern for them. However, a new bike sometimes means you ride a little differently or at different speeds. A new helmet should reflect the aerodynamics you are now faced with.

2) If you buy new riding gear, consider a new helmet. This can be anything from a new jacket to a full riding suit. Whatever your new look is, make sure that your helmet still matches it.

3) When you don’t look forward to putting your old helmet, it’s time to consider a new one. It might be a worn strap, faded padding, or it just isn’t all that comfortable anymore. Whatever the reason, if there’s something off about it that makes you hesitate to wear it (or worse, hesitate to go riding), then it’s time to find one you will wear with enthusiasm.

4) When you have a new hairstyle or hairdo, then it’s time to at least consider a new helmet. Modern helmets are pretty good about not being hard on hair, but if your old hair was used to helmet contact, your new look might not be, especially if it is a thicker do. If you’re a man who has chosen to start going clean-shaven, you might suddenly find that wearing your old helmet is loose and even uncomfortable.

5) If you start wearing glasses, consider a new helmet. You might assume you’ll see fine out of your new glasses and the protective shield of your old helmet, but the optics can still be a little funky. Don’t risk anything.

Now that you know the 5 times you should visit a motorcycle helmet store, you can make sure you always have the right protection for your cranium.

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Great Motorcycle Paint Design Ideas

Motorcycles are great, but you will want to paint them once in a while. You have a lot of room when it comes to what you can do and how it is going to work. You have to look into paint design ideas as much as you can. Some people don’t get into these things as much as they should.

What paint ideas can you go with to appeal to what you want? Are there designs that are better than the rest or do you have to stick with the status quo? You will be able to be creative when it comes to paint.

1) Matte Black

This is on trend and is a great design to go with because it is still subtle with how it looks. The matte black has a unique tint to it that you are going to love. It makes the bike look better than it is and that is what you want. It is going to bring a bit of quality to the forefront for you and matte black options are always good.

If you are not going matte black, you are losing out. You have to think about this when choosing a design idea.

2) Stripes

The second option that you could go with when it comes to the paint design for your bike has to be stripes. You can choose what type of stripes you want, but it could do a lot for the bike. It is going to be creative because you will be able to choose what kind of stripes are best for you and your requirements.

If you want to go with crazy colors that are bright and sharp, you can do that, and it will look beautiful. It has to be done well and evenly for it to look great in the long-run.

3) Camouflage

This is a new one that is great. A camouflage look is fascinating because it will stand out. You will have the sides turned into this “camouflage” look that is going to scream luxury and quality. You will love how the green and beige looks on the edges of the motorcycle.

Standard colors can get boring and for many people, it is not what they want in their life. If you are one of those people, you will want to get camouflage in place as soon as you can.

These are the things that paint design is all about, and your motorcycle should be getting this done as well. You don’t need to have a bland motorcycle that people are going to look right past when it is on the road. You want to have something that is the talk of the town.

You wish to have a motorcycle that is going to make you want to ride it all over town because it is that good. You will want to have that kind of confidence in the long-run because that is where the value is. Change how your bike looks forever.

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Why a Motorcyclist Should Consider Getting a Motorcycle Paint Job

Artistic paint job on a motorcycle at the antique vehicle

Lots of motorcycle owners often think about customising their motorcycle. Indeed, customising a motorcycle can be a great way for a motorcyclist to express his individuality through his bike. Furthermore, a motorcyclist who is otherwise not satisfied with the paint job and the look of his bike can go out and get it customised to suit his tastes.

Thus, there really are a lot of great reasons as to why more people should consider getting custom motorcycle paint jobs. This article will look into these great reasons in more detail.

Get the Look You’ve Always Wanted

One great reason as to why a person should consider getting a custom paint job is that it can really help a person get the motorcycle that he has always wanted. Lots of people don’t know just how much of a difference a custom paint job can do on their motorcycle. Motorcyclists often wish they could change a few details on their motorcycles in order to make it the most suitable motorcycle for their tastes. One of the ways to achieve this is through the utilisation of custom paint jobs, as this will finally allow a person to own a motorcycle that they will truly enjoy using and looking at

Make It Stand Out

Another great reason as to why a person should consider getting a paint job is that it will differentiate them from other motorcyclists. Many motorcyclists want their motorbikes to be unique. Indeed, they want to standout from the rest of the riders.

For some, this means riding motorcycles that are not very popular, or expensive. Furthermore, this can also be done through custom paint jobs. Not many motorcyclists would consider this but this could really give your motorcycle a new and unique look.

Easier and Cheaper

In addition, getting custom paint jobs has become a lot easier, and a lot cheaper, than ever before. There are lots of custom paint services that can be found through the Internet. This means that a motorcyclist will be able to talk about the ins and outs of getting a custom paint job from the comfort of his own home. Motorcyclists will be able to get all the information they need about getting a paint service without having to worry about going out of your way to discuss this matter. Due to the increasing demand on this type of service, many paint services have been able to lower their rates to get more riders to seek their help.

It’s for all of these reasons that a person should seriously consider taking their bike to a nearby paint service centre for an amazing custom paint job. This will really allow a rider to become unique amongst the local motorcyclist community.

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The Finest Custom Motorcycles Today

Biker repairing his custom motorcycle bobber on a road


This is a powerhouse and one that is going to appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts right away. You are going to love the aesthetic lines and how well they look in the grand scheme of things. A must have for those who want the best.

Roland Sands

Wand power and quality all in one package? Most people look for these elements and that is what you are going to get with their motorcycle parts and riding gear.

Mule Triumph Café Roadster

These are rare as there are only a few of them available, but they are quite powerful. Their bikes yield the kind of quality that will make you smile right away and want to hit the road right away.


The lightweight nature of this motorcycle and how it sits are the reasons why it has captured the interest of many. It is one of those pieces that can surely give you aesthetic pleasure, making you want to know about it even more.

Urban Cavalry

This is straight out of the movies and you are going to absolutely adore it the moment you lay your eyes on it. If you’re looking for a real winner and a piece that will definitely stand out, then this is the one you’re looking for.


Want a motorcycle that exudes a modernistic vibe? You’ll definitely love this one right away because you’ll enjoy everything it has to offer.

Magpul Ronin

Powerful, sleek, and just downright awesome is the way to describe what the Magpul Ronin is all about. It is truly a great machine and one that is worth having regardless of that hefty price.

BMW R1200S

It is the skeleton that is going to make you look twice as that is motorcycle is quite a stunner. It is a monster on the road and truly a sight to behold.

Ayrton Senna Tribute

Marcus Walz has gone ahead and changed the look of the motorcycle and made it his own. With the F1 taste that people like seeing, it is truly remarkable.


This is one of the best pieces that Krugger has made. It is a one of a kind, and it will be pretty hard to get this one off the top spot.

These are the top ten custom motorcycles of today and this can serve as a guide as to which one can make you happy on the road. Make sure to get your hands on the perfect motorcycle.

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